Quality policy

I. Is target of AUTOCARES PASCUAL PUERTO, SL to develop a passenger transport service, cost effectively with the utmost dedication and high technology, so that a high degree of satisfaction of our customers and achieve scope and security company long-term.

II. We want to achieve this goal by offering a clear competitive advantage for our services in the school transportation market in the tourism sector and everyone in general.

III. All this integrated into our services, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.

IV. The quality criteria should form an essential part of all the thinking and actions of the Company, so as to achieve at all levels and in all areas of a general culture of quality that is practiced and is lived in an exemplary way, especially by all managers staff.

V. All activities of the company should be governed by consistent customer orientation way, not only to meet the requirements of our customers but anticipating their needs. The scale for the degree of fulfillment of the objectives is to satisfy internal and external customers with respect to quality, service and price of our services as well as the result of the company that it is derived.

VI. Better services that represent competition in total a more competitive company. So we are committed to the improvement continues.

VII. A process orientation of all activities, generates high-quality processes and thereby automatically profitably services and high quality. Measuring the quality of service processes and is the basis for evaluation.